Part Number: FLDM 180C1101/S42

For use in gripper conveyor applications

This low-cost sensor will provide accurate counting for years to come. It does not wear like normal mechanical fingers sensors. You can install and forget this sensor!


  • Compatible – directly replaces mechanical or photocell sensors
  • Counts –  thin or thick products without adjustment
  • Proximity sensor input – eliminates counts between grippers
  • DIP switch configurable – can be optimized for the count application
  • CAN – and USB communication

The markets most complete gripper sensor is equipped with all needed features for a long-term accurate counting. The microprocessor handles the signal evaluation by using software based on 25 years experience. A unique principle based on several DENEX patents makes the Gripper LED insensitive to color or sunlight. It has an input for speed sensor to handle double papers in the gripper and conveyor stops without extra counts. The output and power requirements are compatible to the finger sensors and other gripper sensors on the market.

DENEX CopySensorTM Gripper LED is also the right choice when replacing older DENEX CopyCounters like LCC70, Gripper and Gripper II mounted on gripper conveyors. Brackets for most types of conveyors are available for a fast replacement of older sensors.

Specification: DENEX CopySensorTM Gripper LED

DENEX Part. No. 51N1100 USB Interface: For customized set up
Accuracy: Better than 1:100000 error rate  Output signal: Opto isolated transistor 12V to 30V max 500mA
Maximum count rate: >360.000 copies/hour Speed sensor input:  4.5 – 28 VDC, 3mA max 2,5 kHz
Maximum product speed: 5m/s Light system: IR-LED with ambient light suppression and power monitor with laser safety monitor
Minimum distance to product stream: 20mm Laser safety class:  Not a laser product. Harmless
Minimum air-gap between copies: 5mm product edge Estimated lifetime of LED: > 100000h @ 20C
Distance to backedge of product: 120 – 150 mm Power supply:  19 – 30 VDC, 180mA typ.
Operating system: RISC processor Matching connector: Amphenol-Tuchel C91A T 3476 001
Pulse width: 5 ms, 20 ms or customized setting Weight:  800 g
CAN Interface 10, 20, 50, 100, 125, 250, 500 kbit Size:  175 x 96 x 31 mm
Temperature range:   +10 to 40 C