Part Number: FLDM 180C1102/S42

DENEX MICRO Product Datasheet DENEX MICRO Product Datasheet

For use in most printing applications

Whatever your application: newspaper stackers, commercial stackers, inkjet labeling, packaging, gripper pick-up stations, the MICRO is the universal choice. This allows for only one type of sensor per plant. The onboard processor will dynamically adjust for varying stream conditions.


  • Dynamic Blocking – handles cut edge delivery, stapled or irregular leading edges
  • Gap detection – eliminates false counts caused by gaps in the stream
  • Speed sensor input – provides a fixed distance blocking zone
  • DIP switch configurable – can be optimized for the count application
  • CAN – and USB communication


Based on our 25 years of experience the DENEX MICRO is today the best and most versatile sensor we have manufactured. The small size and the user configurable software versions allows that it will fit in most of the different brands of stackers on the market.

The unique principle based on several DENEX patents makes the MICRO insensitive to color or sunlight. The straight laser beam will ensure a perfect timing between the edge and the output pulse within the working range.

DENEX MICRO is also the right choice when replacing older DENEX CopyCounters like LCC70, LCC50 and LCC30.

Specification: DENEX Laser CopySensor™ MICRO

DENEX Part. No. 51L2100 CAN Interface 10, 20, 50, 100, 125, 250, 500 kbit
Accuracy: Better than 1:20000 error rate USB Interface: For customized set up
Maximum count rate: >1.000.000 copies/hour Output signal: Opto isolated transistor 12V to 30V max 500mA
Maximum product speed: 1m/s for thinnest products, up to 5 m/s otherwise Speed sensor input: 4.5 – 28 VDC, 3mA max 2,5 kHz
Maximum stream thickness: 70 mm (standard range) Laser system: Visible, switched laserdiode, 650nm, with laser safety monitor
Distance from conveyor: 100 mm (standard range) Laser safety class: Class II (harmless if not stared at for long time)
Minimum spacing: between copies 1-5 mm depending on thickness, speed and pulse width Power supply: 19 – 30 VDC, 150mA typ.
Stream conditions: All conditions Matching connector: Amphenol-Tuchel C91A T 3476 001
Operating system: RISC processor Weight: 800g
Pulse width: 5ms (preset) 2, 20 ms (selectable) or customized setting Size: 175x96x31mm
Estimated lifetime of laser: 30000 – 100000h @ 20C Temperature range: +10 to 40