Plumtree Company is proud to offer the Copycounter 4. This model is ideal for use with stackers. The Copycounter 4 uses infra-red technology to give you:



  • Accurate count of your product at a less expensive price.
  • A count rate better than 360,000 copies per hour.
  • Accurately count of printed product on conveyor or stacker.
  • Smaller size for easy installation.
  • Worry-free maintenance.
  • The latest in non-contact sensing technology.
  • Easily connected to PLC, Data Collector or Totalizer systems.
  • Smaller, lighter and more compact. Better for stacker applications.
  • No contact = no jams = no wear.
  • Counts the leading edge exactly where it is, no need to “learn” and block count signal as with microprocessor.
  • The CC4 is versatile: Perfect synchronization counting Ink jet labeling – Disk wind up units – High speed batching or gripping systems.
  • More versatile interface options to OEM lines.
  • New re-settable fuses.

To learn more about the Copycounter 4 and other products designed for use with stackers, contact Plumtree Company today.


  • 15’ M12 Connector/Cordset
  • Mounting Collar
  • 5 year warranty