DENEX, the innovator of laser counting technology in 1980, has been helping customers deliver the right quantity of copies and cut costs by improving counting performance. The printing industry has always acknowledged DENEX’s experience and commitment to help and resolve count issues.Plumtree Company is proud to offer a range of DENEX “CopySensors” to meet your company’s needs.

Click on the model number to find more information about the following DENEX products available through Plumtree:


This low cost sensor will provide accurate copy counting for years to come. It does not wear like normal mechanical fingers’ sensors. You can install and forget this sensor!

Edge Detector II

This is the economical sensor choice in copy counting applications like ink-jet labeling, gripper pick-up stations, and stackers handling products with folded edge first.


Whatever your application, the MICRO copycounter is the universal choice. This allows for only one type of sensor per plant. The on-board processor will dynamically adjust for varying stream conditions.


The PRO Sensor copycounter is designed to handle the stacker counting of inserted, gapped or bulky products. The operating parameters, such as sensitivity, are adjusted remotely via a serial link.

Let Plumtree help you find the correct DENEX “CopySensor” model for your application — contact us today to learn more.