Baumer SCATEC laser Copycounter provides easy contactless counting of lapped sheets of paper, newsprint, paperboard, and even folded packaging cartons. The patented accurate laser beam principle can detect paper edges as small as 0.1mm. Baumer manufactures several SCATEC Copycounter models, each sensor optimized for specific applications; for copy counting in a lap stream, grippers, stackers, transportation of packaging boxes, and product conveyance in transportation clamps. SCATEC Copycounter has no blind spot, is unaffected by product color, and object distance can vary and still maintain perfect copycounter accuracy. The SCATEC Copycounter can also be used as an edge sensor for leading or trailing product edges, helping to easily synchronize printing, labelling, cutting, sorting, stacking, bundling, and other processes.

Plumtree Company is proud to offer a range of SCATEC Copy Counters to meet your company’s needs.

Click on the model number to find more information about the following Baumer products available through Plumtree.


This competitively priced model is the perfect sensor for applications with a product thickness of more than 1.5 mm and a counting rate up to 280,000 pieces per hour.


This model detects sheets down to a thickness of 0.2 mm at up to 600,000 pieces per hour. The sensor is adjustable via a simple dip-switch.


This powerful model allows for the customization and retrieval of all relevant parameters, with an additional connector allowing the sensor to be connected to a computer for remote parameter setting. It has a sensitivity of 0.1 mm and a counting rate of up to 1.5 million copies per hour.


With a minimum sheet thickness sensitivity of 0.15 mm, this model detects sheets with a counting rate of up to 1.5 million copies per hour. Not a single sheet passes by without detection!

The popular Baumer SCATEC line of shingled stream sensors is available through Plumtree — contact us today to learn more.