Part Number: FLDK 110G1010/S/14

SCATEC-J Product Datasheet SCATEC-J Product Datasheet

Baumer electric is proud to introduce the SCATEC-J Laser Copy Counter, a member of the SCATEC-family of non-contact laser-based sensors, designed to count newspapers, magazines and other printed matter in a lap or shingle stream.

The competitively priced SCATEC-J is the perfect sensor for applications with a product thickness of more than 1,5 mm and a counting rate up to 280,000 pieces per hour.


  • Accurate counting Benefit from the performance of the well-known and successful SCATEC-family: The Industry Standard!
  • Plug and Play Nothing to adjust, nothing to align.
  • Easy to mount The sensor is mounted parallel to the conveyer.

Application hints

Mount the sensor parallel to the conveyor at a distance of 40 mm and plug it in. No further alignment and adjustment needed!

A diagram on the sensor label makes it easy to mount the sensor in the correct orientation towards the lap stream. Only edges facing the laser beam are counted, edges facing away from the laser beam are not detected.

SCATEC J by Baumer, entry level leading edge detection

Specification: Baumer Electric Laser Copy Counter — SCATEC-J

Measuring range: 0…55 mm below the sensor Sensitivity single sheet detection down to 1,5 mm* are recognized in the range of 30…45 mm below the sensor (* test object: neatly cut, matte white paper)
Color insensitivity: multi-colored objects like magazines and other printed objects with a color range from black to shiny white are recognized,
even if the bright / dark transitions are near to the edge
Counting rate: max. 280,000 copies/h
Object speed: 0…2 m/s Distance between objects: min. 13 mm at speed 1 m/s min. 26 mm at speed 2 m/s
Voltage supply range +Vs: 10 – 30 VDC Stream condition: folded edge leading, in certain cases also cut edges leading
Output: push – pull Light source: laserdiode 670 nm, visible red, mean output power < 0,3 mW, laser class 2
Current load: 150 mA Output pulse duration: 10 ms
Housing dimensions:  110x50x30 mm Housing material: plastic (PBTP)
 Weight: approx. 130 g Temperature range: 0…+50 °C (non-condensing)
Protection class:  IP 54 Recommended mounting: parallel to the conveyor belts and 40 mm above them
Connector output: M12 x 1